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Airtel Tune Notes

AirTel Notes

rp rm__ s d3. d. d3. s r r3__sd3.d.
p. p.p. p.p.r _ d.d3.d.p.m. d. _p.d.p.m.p.d. d3._ p.d.p.m. r.

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Anonymous said...

do you know if the airtel tune is based on a raga? and which one?

Puppies said...

Can u give notes in english i am used to that and continue this process

sandee said...

send me your mail ID.. to sandeepmarquee@gmail.com Will try to send to you at the earliest...

peacock said...

i want airtel tune in a form of sa re ga ma pa da, if black keys are used in it then u right black beside the key and send me as a email please , i request u ""hyderali108@gmail.com


Notes Legand

Notes Representation

(lower note) sa. re. ga. ma. pa. da. ni.
(main note) sa re ga ma pa da ni
(higher note) sa.. re.. ga.. ma.. pa.. da.. ni..